Autumn Behm, Fundraising Chair

Autumn Behm recently joined the Wolters Kluwer Tax and Accounting Division as a Regional Solutions Consultant, servicing mid- to large-sized CPA firms in Manhattan/NYC Tri State Area with process improvement. Autumn also loves networking, which enables her to make key connections for her clients. She is active among several Long Island nonprofit organizations, networking groups, and social clubs. Autumn has shaped her professional experience working in high-pressure fields where she has developed a unique expertise in managing multiple teams across multiple locations, setting and achieving demanding business goals. She spends her time building the connections between businesses and their clients. By proactively working within businesses and observing processes and policies, she is able to effectively streamline goals for optimal internal performance while ensuring a return for the client. As a reliable and trustworthy consultant with experience and expertise in Business Development, Strategic Marketing, and Project Management, you can expect her to drive superior results from internal teams, creative agencies and technology partners. She has been able to inspire excellence and influence organizational changes, enabling a proven track record of driving millions in revenue by expanding brand awareness and building quality relationships with clients, vendors and management teams. When she is not working, Autumn loves to spend her time with her son in her hometown of Sayville, NY.