Past WEDLI Presidents

As WEDLI prepares for the future, we honor the past, specifically those who led WEDLI along the way.  Here are the women who previously served as president of WEDLI:

Martha Stansbury   (2022-24)
Cathleen Allen   (2020-22)
Debra Thompson    (2018-20)
Jaclyn Peranteau   
Judy White    (2014-16)
Donna Haynes    (2012-14)
Lucille Wesnofske    (2010-12)
Ann-Marie Scheidt    (2008-10)
Ellen Kelly    (2006-08)
Michele A. Pincus    (2004-06)
Michelle Di Benedetto    (2002-04)
Marianne Garvin    (2000-02)
Louise E. Duchi    (1998-2000)
Erica B. Garay    (1996-98)
Judith M. McEvoy    (1994-96)
Roberta Kuehl    (1992-94)
Linda Geller    (1990-92)
Roslyn D. Goldmacher    (1987-90)
Dorothy Tripp    (1984-87)