Past WEDLI Presidents

As WEDLI prepares for the future, we honor the past; specifically those who led WEDLI along the way.  Here are the ladies who previously served as president of WEDLI:

Cathleen Allen   (2020-22)
Debra Thompson    (2018-20)
Jackie Peranteau    
Judy White    (2014-16)
Donna Haynes    (2012-14)
Lucille Wesnofske    (2010-12)
Ann-Marie Scheidt    (2008-10)
Ellen Kelly    (2006-08)
Michele A. Pincus    (2004-06)
Michelle Di Benedetto    (2002-04)
Marianne Garvin    (2000-02)
Louise E. Duchi    (1998-2000)
Erica B. Garay    (1996-98)
Judith M. McEvoy    (1994-96)
Roberta Kuehl    (1992-94)
Linda Geller    (1990-92)
Roslyn D. Goldmacher    (1987-90)
Dorothy Tripp    (1984-87)