How to Join

To become a WEDLI member:

  • A candidate must attend two meetings within a 12-month period as a guest or on her own decision prior to making her application for membership;
  • Submit a written application to the Board;
  • Be sponsored by a Full Member who will do preliminary screening of the candidate’s application;
  • Receive Board approval of the application; and
  • After approval by the Board, the applicant must pay the first year’s dues and additional fee(s) as may be required by the Board, prior to the installation of the applicant as a new member.


  • A Full Member candidate should be in a position of leadership, be a decision-maker or an influencer within her company or organization. The candidate should also be able to demonstrate her community involvement.
  • The candidate should work either in economic development or for a company/organization with impact on economic development.
  • The candidate should also be interested in the goals and purposes of WEDLI.
  • Membership annual dues are $200. A Full Member will receive a membership plaque upon induction and shall have voting rights, may serve on the Board of Directors, may be an officer of the organization, and may serve on a committee.


  • A Corporate Member shall be a company from which an employee is already a Member or Alumna Member. A Corporate Member shall not have voting rights, may not be on the Board of Directors and may not be an officer or serve on a committee. Corporate Membership annual dues are $500 and are in addition to Member or Alumna Member dues.
  • An unlimited number of employees at a Corporate Member company can attend monthly breakfast meetings at the Member rate.
  • Two employees at a time can attend Member-only events.
  • Corporate Members are recognized on WEDLI’s website and on event emails as a corporate sponsor.
  • Corporate Members have the option of including promotional items in the annual holiday lunch tote bag.

For more information, please contact Membership Co-Chairs: Jodi Bloom-Piccione or Kathleen Deegan Dickson.